Electrical – What electrical requirements does a garbage disposal have


I just moved into a new house (well, actually it's old – 1920). We don't have a garbage disposal and was interested in in having one installed so I called a plumber. He estimated $650-750 saying that the electrical wiring would be the main cost because the electrical needs to be run directly to the circuit breaker. Is that right? Perhaps I can do the wiring myself?

Best Answer

Yes, you'll need a 20 Amp 120V outlet with just the disposal on it. I don't see why you shouldn't be able to wire it up yourself.

Something else to think about - is your house on a septic tank or a sewer system? Some city regulations don't allow a garbage disposal on a septic tank. Ours is kind of kludged with the switch under the sink because it was an after-inspection add-on to the house when it was built. At least that's what the home inspector told me when I asked him about it.