My dishwasher is too short for the counter


We just remodeled our kitchen and the cabinet opening is 35 inches high but newly bought dishwasher is only 31.5 inches. How can I properly install it with the height difference?

Best Answer

Looks like you got about 3.5" to make up. I'd put a couple of 2x4s front to back stacked flat and screwed down where the DW feet go. My wife and I are both tall and when we built our house we decided on a 39" counter height, meaning we had to build up for the range and dishwashers. Worked fine. It also means not having to bend over the dishwasher as far to load and unload it, nice.

So IMHO shim/build up as needed under the DW, I think it would look odd to make up that much space above it.