Use sealer over recycled asphalt to retain it


enter image description hereI have a section of recycled asphalt chips to the left of my concrete driveway, which we use parking a second car. The asphalt rocks leave a mess in the yard and in the driveway. Could I use asphalt sealer over top the gravel to form a more solid surface? I've thought about using some landscape edging to keep some of the gravel in place, but that may not be a permanent solution. Any ideas or suggestions is appreciated. Thanks!

Best Answer

No. Sealer isn't nearly strong enough to support the tremendous tearing forces at play.

Instead, watch your local community sale websites for used or leftover concrete pavers. You want the heavy duty ones, which are about 2-1/2" thick. With a little patience and luck you should find a relatively inexpensive lot that will give you proper pavement for life. You could even use the recycled asphalt concrete as a base, with a little sand over the top to make leveling easier.