Learn English – A word/phrase for someone who changes the world


For a fantasy writing project,1 I am looking for a title or epithet for a character that emphasizes that the character has changed the world. Either a single word, or a phrase that could reasonably be used as an epithet, is what I’m looking for.

The title should also be reasonably neutral as to whether the changes made are good or bad: the emphasis should be on how significantly the world has been changed by their actions, and how impressive that is regardless of what you think of the changes. It should be focused on the accomplishment of such a change; it could apply to someone who changed the world unwittingly.

Lofty, grandiose titles are appropriate, even ideal, and being immediately recognizable is less important than sounding impressive and having the correct meaning.

  1. In particular, the project is a character class for a role-playing game. This title would be the reward for reaching the highest level in the class (and would convey certain benefits, which are not relevant). But this is the reason for the neutrality requirement, since this has to be able to describe any member of the class, rather than a particular character.

Best Answer

The word you are looking for is

a company that changes the traditional way an industry operates, especially in a new and effective way:
If customers talk to everybody else they get the status quo. We're the innovator; we're the disruptor.

Cambridge Dictionary

  • Gates was always more accustomed to being a disruptor than being disrupted.

  • Colin Dunlap: Neild on defense – as always. Some people have no idea exactly how good this guy is, even when he doesn't make tackles, because he is such a disruptor. And, something tells me Noel Devine will have a big game.

  • They will be joining other speakers including John Doerr, Michael Moritz, Barry Diller, Zynga’s Mark Pincus, HP’s Todd Bradley, Google’s Marissa Mayer, Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi, and Twitter’s Jason Goldman.
    Cook, of course, started out as a disruptor himself in the 1980s when he brought accounting software to PCs. (TechCrunch)