Learn English – Besides the point or beside the point


Beside is the more popular usage, but I have seen many references and usages of besides, as well. Beside is a preposition, and besides can be either a preposition or an adverb.

Which would be the correct usage?

Best Answer

I agree entirely with Sven Yargs except that I think, 'beside the point' means to be 'off the point' rather than next to it.

Example: At the Olympics, the winners stand on the podium. If you stand beside the podium then you are off it.


I say that 'beside the point' is correct for the reasons given by Sven Yargs. In particular, quote - Technically, besides the point means "in addition to or aside from the point," while idiomatically beside the point means "irrelevant."

The following ngram backs up this choice. I notice that the alternative version appears to be there as well, however on reading the associated quotes, I see that is used in a different sense.

Google ngram: beside the point,besides the point

enter image description here