Learn English – Difference between “pangalactic” and “transgalactic”


I am building a game and trying to give some fancy names to some objectives in my game.

So, I was wondering about the difference between the words pangalactic and transgalactic?

Does any of them mean something that is spawning across multiple galaxies? I am looking for a set of 3 words that go together in the following context, like :

a.  Planetary
b.  Galactic
c.  Inter-Galactic

Can I use "pan-galactic" or "trans-galactic" in place for "inter-galactic"?

[P.S: I tried searching online for the prefixes pan- and tran- but was still not really clear about the usage.]

Best Answer

I think that all the three words can do well for a video-game, but FWIW here are the slight differences:

  • pangalactic = involving/encompassing all the galaxies

  • inter-galactic = between galaxies

  • trans-galactic = across galaxies