Learn English – the word used to descibe someone who grooms someone for future personal gain


I have a "friend" who used to socialize with me a lot and we had a lot of fun. She'd invite me over for dinner and to parties she threw. I got really close to her, or so I thought. She has a second home in my subdivision and comes here twice a year for vacations. During the time she's not here, she used to ask me to do things at her house and to keep an eye on it. Now that she has a new next door neighbor who does these things for her, she has completely stopped inviting me to dinners and social functions. What is the best word to describe a person who grooms someone for future personal gain? That is the type of person I am beginning to believe she is. My heart is broken over this.

Best Answer

I am not sure if there's a word to describe specifically "a person who grooms someone for future personal gain".

However, as a more general case, "a person who does a favour expecting something in return" is doing a "quid pro quo". This does not describe the person but only their action.

quid pro quo: something given or received for something else