Learn English – What does the phrase “What’s your bag?” mean


What does the phrase "What's your bag?" mean in the following 2 sentences:

I tweeted to the Yahoo help center, and they replied:
– Hey man, what's your bag?

At a party, someone asked me:
– So, what's your bag?

I know the first sentence means that Yahoo was trying to find out the problem I was having.

But The second sentence is confusing me. I went to a party, and there someone asked me "So what's your bag?" but I did not have any problem and I did not ask for help.

Can you explain what the second sentence represents?

Best Answer

I would interpret this anachronistic question as hipster-speak for:

So, what are your interests, employment, education, religion, and/or life goals?

Basically this person is trying to determine whether you would make a valuable acquaintance or possibly sexual partner based on mutual interests.