Learn English – What’s a word for someone who wants to voice opinions but not have them challenged


I'm trying to find the right word to describe someone who wants to voice their opinion about subjects (especially controversial ones or ones where the speaker is going against easily-provided facts) but who doesn't want those opinions challenged directly and gets angry if they are.

I'm looking for words with a negative connotation. I'm aware of the word "obstinate", but it doesn't really feel like it does the concept justice, perhaps because it can also be used to mean "not easily controlled" and can be interpreted as a positive. Also, obstinate seems to mean that someone won't change their mind in response to an argument and leaves out that the person explicitly forbids an argument from being presented in the first place. It also leaves out that the person not only won't change their mind about a subject but also wants to make sure others know what their opinion is.

Either a word or a phrase is fine. I'm just having difficulty finding the right words that fully capture the idea.


I don't feel like the question at Word for someone that always has to be right quite captures what I'm getting at here, though some of those answers might apply.

The need to be right isn't so much the important part as much as the unwillingness to discuss at all. The type of person I want a phrase to describe is the one who says, "Here is my opinion. I'm not looking for a debate." This type of person doesn't just say this about one issue, but about all issues, especially ones that are likely to entice others to discussion and debate.

It helps if the word or phrase describes someone who holds opinions that fly in the face of facts, but it's not strictly necessary. The cutting discussion off at the pass is more important than the ignorance.

Best Answer

Perhaps dogmatic?

Merriam-Webster: "expressing personal opinions or beliefs as if they are certainly correct and cannot be doubted"

or, upon looking for synonyms for dogmatic, there's doctrinaire:

dictionary.com: "dogmatic about others' acceptance of one's ideas; fanatical: a doctrinaire preacher"