[Ethereum] Migrating from paper wallet to Ledger Nano S with private key ONLY


I recently purchased a Ledger Nano S, and I'm wanting to transfer my Ether from my paper wallet to the new ledger device. Please forgive my ignorance, but I have no idea how I can transfer my Ether using ONLY my private key for my paper wallet. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the original JSON file that was created for my paper wallet which I had created on "My Ether Wallet .com" some time ago, so my private key is all that I have :[

If someone could take the time to simplify the process, I would be INCREDIBLY grateful, and would also be willing to donate some Ether to you upon my successful migration from paper to ledger.


Best Answer

Our full guide can be seen and read here: https://myetherwallet.github.io/knowledge-base/migration/moving-from-private-key-to-ledger-hardware-wallet.html

Basically, use your private key to unlock your wallet on MyEtherWallet and send the funds to the address controlled by your new Ledger device.

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