Backing up saves to computer (while subscribed to PS+)


After much searching, I managed to find my saves in the Content Manager, but only under "Online Storage" (PS+). The heading for PS Vita System → Online Storage is "Saved Data (PS Vita)".
PS Vita System → Online Storage
Saved Data (PS Vita)

When attempting PS Vita System → PC, the only "Saved Data" options are "PSP/Other" and "PlayStation" (no "Saved Data (PS Vita)" option).
PS Vita System → PC

Is this because PS+ online backups override this setting? Do I need to disconnect my PSN account in order to move the saves to my computer? Or is this setting not normally available in the PC menu anyway? How can I back up these saves?

Best Answer

You could never back up Vita game saves to PC, you can only copy the applications themselves, this includes the save data. To do so, choose PS Vita under Applications PS Vita -> PC menu

You'll then have the option to pick games to copy to your PC Choosing Applications to copy to PC