Cannot use Keyboard/Mouse


I can use the scroll wheel to select menu options, and I can click to fire, but it seems only my xbox 360 gamepad will allow me to aim or move. Which is terrible because I can't aim with my left thumb so I die, and that's not quite so bad but the loading times for this game are murder.

Pressing W,A,S,D move my character by about one millimeter, and they react like it does in regular windows, repeating after I hold the key for a second. But it's moving one millimeter per repeat so I'm basically stuck.

Also the mouse cursor is invisible in the menu but it moves and sometimes it appears for one frame (out of like 100).

In the controls menu the "Keyboard" option is disabled (it's red and I cannot select the option in the menu).

Has anybody else run into this issue?

Best Answer

First - check the connection between PC and keybord/mouse. Just in case =) Second - reinstall. And get the latest updates.