Civilization – What are the AI and player modifiers for each difficulty level


The major difference between each of the difficulty levels are the bonuses applied to the player and AI. These were well known in Civ V, but unsurprisingly it doesn't look like there's any hard data on Civ VI yet. I've tried looking through the various foldiers and files in \Base\Assets but haven't been able to find any hard numbers, although I know you could find that information in the equivalent config files for Civ V.

What are the modifiers applied to the AI and player at each difficulty level?

Best Answer

The difficulty bonuses for Civ are described on this wiki page. In general the game difficulty works such that

  • Anything below prince gives you a bonus
  • Prince gives no bonuses to anyone
  • Above prince gives bonuses to the AI

I don't wan't to copy-paste all the values here (there are a lot), but I'll mention that the values being modified are:

  • Science
  • Culture
  • Production
  • Gold
  • Faith
  • Combat
  • Research boosts
  • Starting units
  • Barbarian camp plunder yields