Is it possible to use a PS Vita game voucher on an account for one region and play the games downloaded on an account from a different region


Essentially, I have the opportunity to obtain a game voucher for a couple of PS Vita games that only allows me to download from the UK marketplace. My PSN account is based in New Zealand. What I am thinking is to create a UK account, use the voucher, download the games, switch to my main NZ account and play the downloaded games. This all sounds rosy, but is this really plausible?

Best Answer

No, this will not work. You can only have one account from one region active on a PS Vita. This is the same with the PSP, fwiw.

To change accounts you actually have to reset the device, wipe the content and activate the alternate account with its own SD card, as the memory card content is locked to the account it was initialized to.

Oh, and a word of warning. Sony limits the number of activation/de-activations per account. Once you hit that limit you can't switch the device again with an account until the window resets (I think it's currently one year).

Sorry for the bad news.