League-of-legends – Can Bard’s Q stun more than 2 enethe champions with a single cast


Bard's Unique Eternals include one titled Cosmic Catches with a requirement of "Multiple (2+) enemy champions stunned with Cosmic Binding (Q)".

cosmic catches screenshot

I was always under the impression that Bard has only ever been able to stun a maximum of 2 people, not 2+ with a single cast of his Q. So, is there ever a situation where Bard could technically stun more than 2 enemy champions at a time with a single cast?

Best Answer

Upon looking at the League of Legends Wiki (mainly to see if his passive changed), there is not a way for him to stun more than 2 enemies with a single Q. You should be able to progress by stunning 2 champions.

This is just conjecture but maybe in a future patch, collecting chimes gives additional effects to his spells. I am only ruling this a possibility since he has fallen out of favor recently and Riot wants to give him more scaling without effecting his early game. Again though, that is just a guess based on the wording.