League-of-legends – League of legends folder seems too big


So my league of legends folder is almost 14 gb right now (13.75gb) and yet my pbe is less than 4gb what is going.. what files are taking up so much space and what can I delete so my folder is relatively clean and not wasting 14gb of my hard drive i just deleted all my log files and even after the 800mb purge my game folder is 13.75 Gb large which in my opinion is very crazy. How can I clean up my riot folder?
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lol main
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Best Answer

A lot of that is in the '/RADS/projects' folder which is filled with old files (older versions) just in case Riot decides to rollback a patch. There are two ways you can free up some space:

Safer (recommended): Uninstall league of legends, delete all files and do a fresh install. It should come back to 5-6 gb.

Riskier (might cause an unexpected error): Delete the following




Althought this might still leave some lingering unused data in the other folders.