Loot missing from console versions of skyrim

the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrimversion differences

I know most loot is random, but some is also static, especially loot that is in world and not in a chest or on a corpse. Last year I played Skyrim twice on my PC and now I've been playing it on my PS3. It seems like on the PC version I have found items like boots of strength both times early in the game. I noticed I didn't find them playing the PS3 but wrote it off as having overlooked them.

I also seem to remember finding Ebony Gauntlets of Extreme Archery during the Red Eagle quest laying next to the treasure chest behind Red Eagle's coffin both times on the PC. I just finished that quest on the PS3 specifically for those gauntlets because I'm trying a stealth/ranger toon, but guess what, no gauntlets. Now I'm beginning to wonder if I overlooked the boots earlier or if they're just not as abundant or missing all together in the console game.

Am I remembering wrong? Are they random and I got lucky twice before?

Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

As you can see from here, skyrim can generate loot that is level-dependent (and random?), even in the open.

Level-dependent items include: ...

Some items sitting out in the open. Unlike previous Elder Scrolls games, in Skyrim developers can place dummy objects, for example on tables or shelves. These dummy objects are then replaced by a leveled item when the dungeon contents are spawned. This is most frequently done with potions, but is also done for armor, arrows, books, soul gems, and weapons.