Minecraft Exponential Lag


When I had my old laptop, I could run Minecraft quite fine, even with the Amazing Shaders mod. When I got my brand new laptop, I could already imagine the possibilities. 2000+ fps. No lag. I was going to be invincible with my NVIDIA GeForce 630 M.

Or so I thought.

When I opened Minecraft and made a "Test" world in Creative, I was very happy to see how fast things were running until I saw the fps when I hit F3, 93. 93? It didn't look like 93, but I continued to fly around my world relatively smoothly. One and a half minutes later, the "exponential lag" occurred. Two seconds, one frame. Four seconds, one frame. Eight seconds, one frame. This got so bad, it took a while just to exit the game!

Is there any way I can play Minecraft fast ever again? Is it my graphics? CPU? RAM? Please help!


  • Windows 7 64 bit OS
  • Intel Core i7 Quad Core CPU @2.6 GHz
  • nVidia GeForce GT 630M 1 GB
  • 8 GB RAM

Best Answer

Try Getting the OPtifine mod it adds more options and speeds up your game i have a friend who has terrible internt and when he got this mod his minecraft sped up quite a bit. It is even legal to have on servers.

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