Minecraft – How to add mods in minecraft bedrock 1.14.60


I have watched many tutorials on how install mods in minecraft, but no matter how many videos I watch and how many times I try, I can't add mods onto minecraft. I drag-and-drop minecraft mod files, I try to add them onto the storage compartment in settings, and I just download whatever says that all you have to do is download, but nothing ever happens.

Best Answer

There's a website you can download addons from: http://mcpedl.com/.

  1. Choose an addon: I chose this: https://mcpedl.com/zoom-behavior/
  2. Download it. Download
  3. If it doesn't open in media fire or it downloads directly, don't download it. It may contain viruses. Media Fire
  4. After it downloads, open it. It will open Minecraft.
  5. You will see import Started. Import It will say imported successfully(I already downloaded it so I will get failed)
  6. Create a New world or an existing world then go to Add-Ons:enter image description here
  7. Choose yours and click activate. You can follow the same steps for resource packs.

I hope This helps.

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