Ps3 – ny way to transfer save data to a PS3 without overwriting the original save data


A while back, my old PS3 died. Recently, I got a new PS3 and started playing some games on it. Eventually, I'm going to see what I can do about getting someone to fix up the old PS3 so that I can get all of the old save data off of it. Problem is that I don't know if I'll be able to keep the save data that I have on my new PS3.

The only solution that I can think of is saving the save data from my new PS3 online through PS+ and then putting it back in. However, I'm worried that it'll overwrite the save data that's currently on the PS3, so one way or another, I'll end up giving up one set of save data for the other.

Is there any way that I can keep my old and new save data on one console?

Best Answer

You'll have the option if you want to overwrite or not.

When copying data using the Save Data Utility, if the destination (whether the PS3, a storage device or the PS+ online storage) already has a save of the same game (on the same slot, if applicable), you'd see a prompt asking you if you wish to overwrite the save, so you can do the copy process without worrying of accidentally overwriting your save.

However, using a system transfer or restoring a backup completely removes any previous data on the target console, so if you wish to keep the saves on your new console, make sure to copy them beforehand to a storage device or PS+ storage, then restore them after the transfer/restore completes.