Starcraft – Unbalanced 4v4 Team Matchups


My friends and I play as a 4v4 team and are currently ranked 6 in bronze. We are eager to break into silver, but have noticed that most of our matchups are against gold/platinum/diamond ranked players, and hence we get trampled.

How does the 4v4 team matchmaking work? Why is it that we are being matched up against players that are many leagues higher than us? We play between 8.30-11.30pm in our area – is it just a coincidence that when we play there are no other silver-level 4v4 teams around?

Best Answer

The system is counting your skills over a very long period of time, it will try to keep your winning percentage to 50%. So if you won a lot of games lately they are going to make you play against teams that are much more skilled than you are. If you defeat the challenge several times they will make you advance league. But if you are only able to win VS people that are in your skill frame I don't think you will ever be promoted.

Also take in consideration that when you play 4v4, you don't always against 4 friends, you can play against a team of 1 guy in diamond 2 in bronze and 1 in diamond by example. From what I understand if you play with 4 friends they will consider you better than 4 random people in the same league as you.

8.30-11.30 pm is a pretty crowded period of time, so I don't think that has any influence, but there a much less people that play 4v4, so maybe that's why you think the match-up are not good if you only consider a short period of time.