Steam – Any way to tell in the Steam store if a Mac-compatible game will run on Catalina


So for games I already own this is easy, Steam filters out the 32-bit ones when I go to my library. But if I'm looking at a game that I might want to buy in the Steam store, and it has a little Apple icon for compatibility, is there any way short of buying it to see if it will actually run on my new Mac?

The system requirements don't really say one way or another on any of the games I'm looking at…

Best Answer

Steam does not says if the games are x64 or x86, but developers might report it somewhere in the "About this Game" or "System Requirements" sections.

One example is Fran Bow, where it says that is not compatible with Catalina in the Additional Notes section of the System Requirements.

enter image description here

There are other games like Shadow Warrior that are not compatible with 10.15 but is not specified on the System Requirements:

enter image description here

One solution in this case is to check the PCGamingWiki article for the game and see if it says that is not compatible in the Warnings section.

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