What’s the pro of creating a theocracy


I've searched on both wikis and on google itself, but I've found almost nothing about theocracies.

What are the pros and cons of having a theocratic vassal?

Best Answer

A theocratic vassal is, for all intents and purposes, a temple vassal. Most importantly, this means you can have a vassal with a significant amount of land who is still expected to pay you taxes. Their levy contributions, however, may be a little lower.

You'll also find that theocratic vassals tend to be more obedient. They do have an opinion penalty for being of a different type of government but they tend not to be ambitious and very rarely try to rebel or take your title.

As a Catholic, granting temple vassals more titles gives them more eligibility to become a cardinal or even the Pope. They won't become a vassal pope this way but you will get a hefty opinion bonus for supporting them and a pope who likes you is more likely to accept requests.