World-of-warcraft – US World of Warcraft Cataclysm activation key for EU account

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I have a EU WOW account, recently I purchased the Cataclysm expansion DVD.
I mistakenly got the US expansion DVD instead of the EU one, and of course the activation key doesn't work for my account.
Is there away to fix this issue? or can Blizzard support help me with it?

and what about the US game installation itself, how to make it work to connect to my EU realm?

Best Answer

If you can still return the Cataclysm DVD to wherever you bought it from, this is your best option.

If you already installed the US version of Cataclysm on top of your EU game client, and the game is now trying to connect to the US realms, you can fix it by opening your file and changing any instances of us to eu. (I'm not sure if the US installer will even work on an EU version of the client in the first place, though. I've never tried it, and can't find any info about other people that have.)

In any case, a call to Blizzard support is probably your best bet.