[RPG] Best way to maximize Sneak Attack damage


Unchained Rogue

Sources allowed:

  • Core Rulebook
  • Advanced Player's Guide
  • Advanced Class Guide
  • Advanced Race Guide
  • Ultimate Combat
  • Ultimate Magic

I'm asking for how to maximize damage output using Sneak Attack. In theory for all levels, but more specifically at level 1 through 6 or so. Whether it is using feats, magic items, (something I am overlooking?) or a combination of all of that, the objective is maximized damage output.

I don't really want to multiclass, and want to focus on melee attacks, not ranged attacks. My character will use a shortsword.

I am just looking for maximum damage output, not how to create a 'sneakable' condition.

Best Answer

By playing an unchained rogue. They are in the group with the fastest sneak attack progression (every odd level), no class will get dice faster. The only feat which actually gives more dice, Accomplished Sneak Attacker, caps the dice at the same rate at which unchained rogues get dice (so it will never increase your dice if you're a full-leveled rogue). For maximizing possible damage, you can take the Knife Master archetype (Thanks @Yuuki) to change the sneak attack's d6's to d8's when using knife-like weapons (including daggers, but not short swords). This does come with the tradeoff of lowering all other sneak attacks to d4's.

If you choose not to use a shortsword, and instead switch to use a sap to deal nonlethal bludgeoning damage, you can use the Sap Adept and Sap Master (immediately below) feats. The former adds extra damage equal to your sneak attack dice, and the latter allows you to roll your sneak attack dice twice and add them up.