[RPG] Can a character with two warring personalities have two alignments


I have a half-orc character that was brought up by orcs to be evil. While he was growing up his human conscience used to give him doubts about what he was doing but he ignored it.

Then something happened that caused his human side to take control and he fought to keep his human side on top. His conscience told him to make amends for what he'd done.

From time to time his orc side takes over. It appears like he had a split personality. Is it possible for his human side to have a good alignment while his orc side has an evil alignment?

Best Answer

From my understanding of the alignment in 5e, it is more representing your general behavior than the other way around.

So if you are more of a good human, then your alignment will be good. If you are more of an evil orc, then your alignment will be evil. If you are about 50/50, then you are neutral.

I would not foresee your alignment as swinging back and forth just because of a boost of anger here and there.