[RPG] Can a lance receive bonuses from a source other than Strength


I had the fun idea of making a cavalier that was a small race (gnome, halfling, etc) so they could ride a medium-sized mount and run around indoors.

The only problem is that I want to use a lance (for its double damage while charging), but the melee damage/attack rolls resulting from using a lance in combat are Strength based, and small creatures such as those listed above receive a penalty to strength. Is there a way to make the rolls with a lance be based on, say, Dexterity? Maybe something like Weapon Finesse, but can be applied to the lance?

Best Answer

There's a weapon and an accessory that may help

  • The magic weapon mammoth lance (Pathfinder Player Companion: People of the North 29) (32,310 gp; 10 lbs.) grants the wielder the ability to use the wielder's mount's Strength bonus for the weapon's bonus to damage instead of the wielder's own while wielding the weapon and mounted on an animal (yes, only an animal).
  • The slotless item effortless lace (2,500 gp; 0 lbs.) becomes an inseparable part of any 1-handed piercing or slashing weapon around whose grip it's wrapped for 24 hours, and, thereafter, allows that 1-handed weapon to be used as a light weapon. A 2-handed weapon normally, the lance can be wielded in one hand while mounted.

Then it's up to the GM whether effortless lace on a lance actually makes the lance while wielded one-handed while mounted enough of a light weapon so it qualifies for use with such feats as Weapon Finesse.

Alternately, after the character applies the effortless lace to a lance, the GM may require the character to spend 24 hours wielding his lance while mounted so the lace can adhere properly.