[RPG] Can a spell be prepared once and cast multiple times


Our group had some confusion about preparing spells for a Wizard and Cleric. The rules say that you prepare a number of spells from your list and that you tick off spell slots when you cast a spell. In D&D 3.x, if you wanted to cast a spell multiple times you had to prepare it multiple times, but we couldn't figure out from the rules whether or not this was the case in D&D 5e.

So can a spell be prepared once and then cast multiple times?

Best Answer

Yes. In 5e, prepared spells remain available as long as they're prepared.

From the D&D Basic Rules (e.g. from the cleric's or the wizard's Spellcasting feature):

Casting the spell doesn't remove it from your list of prepared spells.

Basically, 5e Wizards (and Clerics) are 3.5e Sorcerers who can swap out their "known spells" based on their spellbook (or godly mandate).

I can't speak to the exact reason behind the design decision, but I assume they wanted to enable a level of flexibility for both classes that was often lacking in previous editions.