[RPG] Can a Way of Shadow monk use Shadow Step to teleport from a cape’s shadow


For quick context, in a story about a group with special powers, there is a human with shadow-based magic, including teleporting between shadows. He uses this in the following escape-trick:

He swirls his large cape around, releases the button that holds it around his neck and ducks down flat below it (the cape is large and he keeps it pretty close to the ground during the swirl), creating a pretty dark shadow around him. He then teleports away to a nearby shadow he could see from below the falling cape.

Could a Way of Shadow monk use a similar trick to get out of trouble?

I assume the set-up would also require an action.

Best Answer

DM's Call

This sort of question falls squarely in the realm of the DM as to whether shadows exist for a Shadow Monk to teleport from are contingent upon the lighting described by the DM. The Shadow Step feature itself simply indicates that the character be in dim light or darkness, nothing more.

This DM might allow it depending on a few factors including:

  • Source of lighting.
  • What style of play the table has agreed to.

The last element I'd rule on is whether or not permitting this creates an unfair advantage. In a more high power game, I'd probably be inclined to permit liberal use of this method of Shadow Step, especially since it's still contingent upon a suitable receiving location that I need to provide.