[RPG] Can any D&D god grant a Cleric spells


In D&D 3.5e and the official expanded books, it seems Greyhawk has about 10,000 different gods; some just mentioned in a table somewhere.

There's nothing that I can find in the rulebooks, but I read here in a wiki that some "gods" cannot grant spells, such as Rank 0 and Overdeities. However, I've seen nothing in any rule-books that define which "Rank" any god is.

So I'm unsure if this was just made up by a wiki author, or maybe I'm missing something.

In particular, there are monster deities, such as Maglubiyet, which from what I can tell was only briefly mentioned in errata for MM1, that I can't really tell where they sit in the default Pantheon.

Best Answer

A deity with divine rank 0 can't grant spells, and a deity with divine rank 21 or higher does not grant spells. Deities and Demigods (Apr. 2002) covers divinity in much greater detail.

According to the Official Listing of Deities for Use in the Campaign (version 2.0) (Mar. 2002) for the now-defunct Living Greyhawk campaign, Maglubiyet is a greater deity therefore possessing divine rank 16-20, making the High Chieftain perfectly capable of granting his goblinoid worshipers spells.

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