[RPG] Can the cleric with the War Caster feat use a mace to deliver Inflict Wounds


My Cleric has the War Caster feat, a mace in his right hand, and a shield in his left. He casts inflict wounds, which requires a touch attack to be executed against an opposing enemy, a goblin for instance.

If the cleric uses his mace as a means to touch the creature, would this function as a touch attack? Would this deal mace damage in addition to the Inflict wounds? Why or why not?

Best Answer

All the Warcaster feat does is negates the need to have one hand free to cast the Somatic component of spells, so long as your hands are occupied by either weapons and/or a shield.

It doesn't allow you to cast spells through a weapon.

Inflict Wounds allows you to make a melee spell attack not a melee weapon attack. As such, unless otherwise stated in the spell's description, only the spell damage is inflicted, not the weapon damage.