[RPG] Can you concede when compelled to fight in Fate Core


The character in question has the Curse of the Lycanthrope aspect, which causes him to become rabid and ferocious when something triggers him to transform.

The characters are all traveling together in the middle of the night, they Haven't Eaten All Day, and the Full Moon is Out.
So the GM compels the character to transform, temporarily changing the character's High Concept to Ravenous and Bloodthirsty Wolf as defined by the corresponding stunt. It is decided unanimously that the Werewolf is so hungry that it would turn on its teammates, maul them, and attempt to eat them.

Obviously there would be some out-of-character biases such as not wanting to be the player character responsible for a TPK, so is the player who controls the Werewolf allowed to concede the conflict, or do we have to wait until the compel plays out?
In other words, which rule takes precedent: the compel or the ability to concede?

Best Answer

I'm going to dodge the main question, because it's a situation that shouldn't come up. Here's why:

The situation you've outlined there involves at least two compels, not one. The first compel is the one already mentioned, which results in the transformation if the player accepts. The second compel, which you've skipped in the example, is compelling Ravenous and Bloodthirsty Wolf to say that "the Werewolf is so hungry that it would turn on its teammates...". When that compel happens, the player has already earned a Fate point from accepting the compel on Curse of the Lycanthrope and can easily refuse this new compel, which is what they actually want to do.

By skipping right to the effect of an Aspect "by consensus", you're hamstringing the player's ability to interact with the relevant mechanics, and you get a weird situation where they immediately want to concede the fight. The solution is to not skip that compel, and so give the player the option to avoid the fight in more mechanically-clean manner.

"But," you say, "doesn't the consensus matter?" Yes, it does, but even if everyone agrees that an Aspect should have a certain result, you're still obligated to pay for the compel. Compels that players suggest and agree to are not free! No matter who suggests a compel on an Aspect, the player whose character Aspect it is still gets a Fate point. Asking for compels on an Aspect is a major way that players can influence the narrative in Fate, and can happen even when nobody uses the word "compel."

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