[RPG] Can you raise your original body as an undead after moving to a clone


In the situation where you have a currently mature clone from the Clone spell, die, transfer to your clone, and then manage to go back and recover your previous body, is that body potentially a candidate for becoming an undead minion, such as with the Create Undead spell?

Best Answer

You should be able to raise your own, other, body.

Clone only states that your other body is "inert and cannot be brought back to life", not that it is no longer a corpse.

The requirement for Create Undead?

You can cast this spell only at night. Choose up to three corpses of Medium or Small humanoids within range. Each corpse becomes a ghoul under your control.

So, our checklist looks something like this:

  • 6th level spell slot? [check]
  • one corpse? [check]

You are the proud new owner of a screaming, howling, baby clone ghoul abomination.