[RPG] use the Clone spell to create bodies, then raise them as undead


My thought process here is that Clones do not have souls and are not creatures that have a consciousness. They’re essentially empty shells that breathe and are waiting for me to die.

My idea, step by step:

  1. Open a Demiplane and go inside.
  2. Cast Wish to cast the Clone spell for me.
  3. Waste 16 hours of time and take a long rest after the 16 hours.
  4. Wake up and repeat steps 2 & 3 until desired number of clones is achieved.
  5. Unplug and kill clone bodies.
  6. Turn them undead.

I'm hoping to use this method to avoid the moral quandary of killing others and stopping their souls from resting by turning them into undead.

Would this be possible, within the rules?

Best Answer

Technically yes, but...

It's overkill (yeah I'm a comedian).
Using super big spells for this is like "there is a mosquito in my room, let's use dynamite!" Technically it works, but there are simpler ways than use a 9th level spell to create soulless corpes. (And technically, your clones have no souls, so if I remember well, undead creation spells that make intelligent undead won't work.)

For example, you could only kill criminals and monsters, or turn into undead people that wanted to be turned (anyone that wants immortality may accept this deal).
You could craft a magic item (or buy it depending on what your GM allows) that makes them confident that you will let them go free after casting the spell (depending on the spell you cast).

If you want to use super big spells, you can use clone or wish to make good peoples way harder to kill, so they can do risky things that have more chances to save the world without fearing the consequences.

Those way, you still are a necromancer, a powerful one, but you also are at least good (and for the chaotic part, it is how you roleplay that will define that).