[RPG] Charisma Mod to AC


Is there a way to get your Charisma Modifier to AC other than different revelations* for oracles? I've been looking through the content on the PFSRD and can't find one. I'm hoping there might be something somewhere that couldn't make it to the PFSRD site.

Particularly interested in methods that can be used/obtained at low levels.

*listed are the revelations I know of

Best Answer

Osyluth Guile is a feat that allows you to do this, albeit only against melee attacks from one opponent. And only when fighting defensively or on total defense.

Other than that, you could take a level in Enlightened Paladin (for Confident Defense) or Swashbuckler (for Dodging Panache). Or even a level in the third-party cleric archetype Enthusiast?

Finally, the feat Demonic Obedience (Mestama) allows you to increase your age category by one, or become a ghost (which gains Charisma as a deflection bonus to AC, among numerous other benefits) if already venerable.