[RPG] Could a wizard research a death-reversal spell


In other words, is death-reversal (raise dead, resurrection, etc.) only the province of divine magic, or could a perhaps insanely powerful wizard (either player or NPC) research and cast a similar spell?

Best Answer

First and foremost: There are no rules that allow the researching of spells. The only way a wizard can expand their repertoire is via the 2 spells gained at each level or by finding spells (PHB p.114).

This leads to the simple RAW answer: No

However, you can always fall back on How to Play (PHB p.6)

  1. The DM describes the environment "Wizards do not get death-reversal spells and spells cannot be researched"
  2. The Players describe what they want to do "I want my wizard to research a death-reversal spell. See it says on p. 201 that I can rediscover long lost spells."
  3. The DM narrates the results of the adventurers' actions "Yes" or "No"

My personal preference is "No, if you want to do that play a druid or cleric"

As guidance for handling this specifically, the DM can look to Changing Spell Lists (DMG p.287), Creating a Spell (DMG p.283) and Crafting a Magic Item (DMG p.128).

However, Wizards can cast death-reversal spells. They do this through the spell Wish which can emulate any 8th level or lower spell; this includes every death reversal spell except True Resurrection.