[RPG] Difference between DnD 5e Starter Set and Basic Rules


What is the difference between the Starter Set I can buy from my local store and the free Basic Rules I can get for free from the Wizards website?

Best Answer

There are some basic differences that are both important and unimportant:

  1. The basic game does not contain pregenerated characters or adventures. The starter set does.

  2. The starter set does not contain character creation rules, full spell lists or advancement past L5 for it's pregenerated characters, the basic rules online do contain this information.

  3. the starter set has a limited version of the rules, and only contains the monsters necessary for the adventure, the basic rules have a much wider bestiary, more magic items and a complete set of the rules.

The starter set is intended to be a quick introduction to D&D, to which you can later add the basic D&D rules online as you need more rules for more situations and advance past L5 (which is when the starter set ends).

If you want more options beyond the basic rules (for character creation, monsters or rules), the printed books provide this information.