[RPG] difference between types of musical instruments and actual musical instruments


This question comes from me creating my bard character.

Under my tool proficiencies, I have "one type of musical instrument" and "any three musical instruments" does this mean I can be proficient in string instruments, and any instruments within that type, while also having proficiency with a flute, bagpipes, and drum? If this is true what are the different types of musical instruments?

Best Answer

"Type" is a "kind", not a "group"

From the Tools section of the Equipment chapter of the PHB (p.154):

Several of the most common types of musical instruments are shown on the table as examples.

Table: Bagpipes Drum Dulcimer Flute Lyre [..]

Each type of musical instrument requires a separate proficiency.

From this it is clear that the PHB understands "type of musical instrument" not as a "group of musical instruments", but as a "kind of musical instrument". All such proficiencies must be taken in a given instrument and never a group of them.