[RPG] Do Charm/Hold Person or psionic equivalents work on Lycanthropes


Is a Lycanthrope affected by Charm/Hold person or similar psionic powers?

I see that it has the Shapchanger subtype, but I don't know what that implies here. Does that mean a human infected with lycanthropy is or is not affected by Charm Person and similar?

Is the answer different for natural Lycanthropes?

Best Answer


There's nothing about the Shapechanger subtype that prevents them from being vulnerable to Hold Person, Charm Person, Dominate Person, or any other Compulsion based Mind-affecting spells.

You may be confusing Shapechanger's ability to override Polymorph effects with their own transformations with mindless creatures and their immunity to Mind-affecting spells.

Natural Lycanthropes don't have immunity to Mind-affecting spells either, so the answer is the same for either of them. Unless the creature already possesses a subtype that makes them immune to Mind-affecting spells, Charm Person, Hold person, etc. work as normal.