[RPG] Do Dragonborns get unarmored defense


Now, I might just be stupid or not have seen it but, I’ve been looking and saw that draconic bloodline sorcerers get unarmored defense for “draconic bloodline”. But, do Dragonborns get this for being Dragonborn? Like I said, it’s a simple question but I can’t find the answer and my Dragonborn player wants to know because he heard that our sorcerer gets it, but he doesn’t.

Best Answer

Dragonborn don't get it by default

Said specifically, it is not a feature granted by choosing Dragonborn as your race when building a character. If it was it would be listed in the race's description. The two special features Dragonborn get are Breath Weapon and Damage Resistance (and the Draconic Ancestry which determines the damage type for both).

However, if a player would like to gain Unarmored Defence, one of the Dragonborn racial feats is called Dragon Hide (XGtE, p. 74). In part, the feat grants an AC of 13 + Dexterity modifier if you aren't wearing armour. This is identical to the AC provided by the Draconic Bloodline sorcerous origin's Draconic Resilience feature.