[RPG] Does a warlock ever need more than 27 Use Magic Device


Is there any benefit to a Use Magic Device modifier over 27 for a Warlock? It seems like the maximum check you would ever need is to cast a level 9 spell from a scroll, which is 20+17. Am I missing anything, or is that the hard cap to the skill (since I don't care about deciphering someone's spellbook)? For example, let's say there is some scroll that you must be evil to cast, and I'm chaotic neutral, and it's a level 9 spell — the alignment check seems to become unimportant because the check to cast the level 9 spell is higher (30 vs 37). Since I can just take 10, then if I have a 27 modifier, that's pretty much endgame for UMD. Am I missing anything?

It seems like it would be more fair if the difficulties somehow combined, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Because of that, I just wanted to make absolutely sure I wasn't missing something.

(warlocks can take 10 on use magic device after level 4)

Best Answer

There may be several reasons to pump your Use Magic Device higher:

  • Your UMD (or, indeed, any) skill may be decreased by conditions such as Shaken, Sickened, Energy Drained or Charisma Damage. Which would make you roll on the check which you previously could succeed effortlessly. So if you rely on being able to always make that 37 UMD check, you might want a small buffer to accommodate penalties.

  • Spell scrolls do not have to be the minimum caster level for that spell (the randomly generated ones are, however). If you are commissioning a scroll from a wizard or cleric, they can make it as high as their CL. And there are very good reasons to commission (and cast) a scroll of, for example, CL20 Magic Vestment or CL30 Holy Word, if you can find a caster that powerful.