[RPG] Does casting Contingency with Wish allow you to pick a spell that you don’t usually have access to as the contingent spell


One of the clauses of the contingency spell is that the contingent spell must be a spell "that you can cast".

The wish spell allows you to cast any spell of any class (except other 9th-level spells), so if you know wish, you technically "can cast" most spells.

Let's say that Bobby the 17th-level sorcerer wants to cast Otiluke's resilient sphere as a contingency, and he uses wish to cast contingency. Could he then pick the sphere as his contingent spell (expending a 4th-level slot in the process as per the spell), considering that he can't normally cast it (as it's not on the sorcerer spell list) but has the ability to do so with wish?

Best Answer

No, because casting Wish is not casting the other spell.

Wish duplicates a spell of 8th level or lower (when used that way). It does not cause you to cast Otiluke's Sphere; you cast Wish, and the effect of Otiluke's happens. You are still unable to cast spells that aren't on your spell list.