[RPG] Does Concealment exist in D&D 5th Edition


After looking over a few of the rules in the PDFs for the next edition of D&D I didn't see anything about concealment ( as in miss chance percentage ) similar to D&D 3.5e or D&D 4e.

Has Concealment been completely axed in the newest iteration or does it still exist in some form?

I also don't completely understand the Heavily obscured line. If it confers an advantage to attack you and a disadvantage on your personal attacks, wouldn't someone else in the same area also be blinded and also confer a disadvantage on their attacks as well?

Best Answer

Concealment is indeed not a game term in 5e. However, the concept still exists.

Darkness and other effects that obscure vision can prove a significant hindrance

Namely, these kinds of things do not produce a direct accuracy penalty, but instead provide disadvantage or even the effects of the Blinded condition. There are two states here.

  • Lightly obscured. This is like light fog or dim light. It imposes disadvantage on Wisdom(perception) (not attacks) if you don't have a way around it.

  • Heavily obscured. This is darkness or heavy fog, or dense foliage. It imposes the affects of the blinded condition, which are auto failure of any check requiring sight, and advantage to attack you and disadvantage on your attacks.

So no, concealment is not a game term here, but it's concepts are still alive and well.