[RPG] Does order matter when casting a cantrip with a casting time of a bonus action and another spell


When casting a spell as a bonus action, you can't cast another spell on the same turn except a 1-action cantrip – can the order be "reversed"? Can you cast a cantrip first as a bonus action, then any other spell? If not, would it be broken to allow it?

I'm thinking a Sorcerer casting a Quickened true strike, then casting a leveled spell requiring a touch attack. Seems like a great use of the cantrip + Metamagic feature, but it seems like it is not allowed.

Best Answer

No, the order doesn't matter

You cannot cast another spell if you've cast a bonus action spell, and you can't cast a bonus action spell if you've already cast a spell with your action.

"You can't cast another spell during the same turn, except for a cantrip with a casting time of one action" (PHB 202)

That precludes both before or after the action spell.