[RPG] Does the accurate weapon trait stack if I wield 2 accurate weapons


If I wield 2 weapons each with accurate (example 2 shotos) does accurate stack? And if so are there any requirements, like attacking with both at the same time?

Best Answer

No, they don't stack

Per the Two-Weapon Combat rules (EotE pg. 210; AoR pg. 224):

First, he designates one weapon as the primary weapon. When making the combined check, he will be attacking with this weapon.

And the Accurate quality (EotE pg. 155; AoR pg. 168):

For each level of this trait, the attacker adds [boost die] to his attack dice pools while using this weapon.

Since you're only attacking with one weapon (the other is activated via 2 Advantage) you only get the benefit of one weapon's qualities.

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