[RPG] How compatible are D&D 4E core and essentials in terms of hybrid characters


I know that in terms of actually running a campaign that they can go side by side very well, with one side doing some things honestly better than the other like the monster vault…However, a person in my group is wishing to hybrid character builds for essentials into a core class, specifically Hybrid Blackguard (Dragon Magazine 400) and Fey Pact Warlock. Before anyone says it, I am aware the danger of including Dragon Magazines in my campaigns but I have managed it in the past, however the question I have mainly is CAN you hybrid an essential with a core class in the first place as they seem to be two seperate sets in some cases and if there is no major rule stating you can or can't if I allowed it could their be major ramifications?

I am most likely going to allow this character regardless sine the player I know very well isn't a min/maxer or a slayer and more of a character idea guy so I trust him not to go to out of control with it, but I would still like to know for the future.

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They integrate as well as any other hybrid1. There are no rules forbidding the combination, and the fact of published hybrids of essentials and dragon-only class hybrids (both for the original and essentials executioner assassin) existing suggests this same conclusion.

The literature supports this conclusion, with the hybrid handbook making no distinction between "essentials/nonessentials" save for the actual hybrid options themselves.

Fey pact warlock and executioner is actually a published build called the Eladrin Eldritch Executioner which provides:

  • Play a melee character who emphazises wits over brawn
  • Be stealthy and have at-will invisibility/hiding from early paragon onwards
  • Be a capable addition to the party for skill challenges of a social, information gathering, or infiltration variety.
  • Have very solid single target DPR at all teirs of play (reaching about 150 at-will DPR, by 30).
  • Get to make a lot of OAs by using stealth offensively (at least 1 most rounds, unless fighting solos) and be a Warlord's best friend.

Nothing here looks particularly objectionable, as the hybrid seems to be a way of gaming stealth, rather than flopping over more than one role.

1 Mostly really horribly and worth ignoring, but with a few decent combinations.

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