[RPG] How does a young Garou choose a tribe


I'm working on a character concept involving a Garou born to a Get of Fenris father and Silent Strider kinfolk, with backstory reaching to the Nazi Germany "scout" camps for German girls ("League of German Maidens") where girls were encouraged to get pregnant to give "sons for the Fatherland."

I understand that usually it's the case of following your parents, so a child of a Glass Walker would be Glass Walker, etc., but what happens when a young Garou never knew his origins, parents were from different tribes (which doesn't necessary brands him as metis — let's say Garou and kinfolk from different tribe and even rarely two kinfolk can give birth to true Garou), or she didn't want to join the same tribe?

I know that some tribes accept everyone (Children of Gaia, Bone Gnawers) or almost anyone (Black Furies would accept any female and I believe Red Talons would accept any Lupus), but what about others? It's hard for me to imagine that someone could join royal Silver Fangs — unless her name is Kate Middleton ;) — but what about a Get of Fenris? Could an outsider be accepted after passing some sort of trial? For a Get, I guess, it would be some show of martial power… And even more interesting would be the case of Silent Striders. Would an outsider share their curse (unable to stay in one place for long, risk of being haunted, etc.)?

Best Answer

Garou don't choose a tribe; the tribe is genetic. Take the Silver Fang's tribal properties - they're primarily on account of inbreeding, due to attempts to keep the bloodline "pure". A person cannot actively choose to be inbred, that's well... a function of breeding.

They do choose a pack. Some packs are made up from a single tribal background, but many others are not.

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