[RPG] How does the warcaster feat interact with arcane spells, and Eldritch Knight’s use of war magic


I know war caster negates the need of a free hand for somatic components, but it's not negating the need of an extra limb for manipulating materials! (I know you can use the same hand for both material and somatic components, and foci can be used instead of material components that are not valuable.) Since Arcane focus does not work like holy symbols (ex drawn on shields), how the hell is an Eldritch Knight supposed to use its war magic class feature with a shield without juggling weapons??

Is this a RAW problem? Or is the War Caster feat specifically better for divine casters? Or are Eldritch Knights not meant to use shields?

Sorry if this one is a duplicate, I just couldn't find the exact problem in any other topic.

Best Answer

I don't know if it is awkward to answer my own question but after my last game, i now have a more plausible answer in general, just sharing it here for future reference :

Most of the spells that an Eldritch Knight uses in thick of battle, does not require material components thus making the need for a foci redundant and having war caster feat feasible for shield bearing EKs using war magic class feature without further mingling with RAW weapon switching or tiny/wearable foci etc.

A happy ending!

Edit : For a workaround to this problem Apocalisp's answer is better within RAW.
Those of you who like house-ruling can modify EK's bond with it's weapons to count as arcane focus to specifically bypass this problem.