[RPG] How many non-concentration buff spells are there?


Considering that you can't really cast multiple concentration-buff spells by yourself, I was curious how many non-concentration ones there were available. If someone could break each one down by which classes have access to it, that would be really great.
My idea of a non-concentration buff spell would be one that is in some way intended to either make whoever the spell is cast on stronger, harder to hit, faster, etc. And, I would also like to make it clear that I'm looking for spells with a duration of more than one round that are primarily cast on yourself/an ally. Something like Animate dead, though it gives you extra goons to possibly defend yourself with, I don't feel really counts, nor would a spell like guiding bolt, despite it having that whole "granting advantage on next attack" thing when it hits.

Best Answer

The spell listings on D&D Beyond are sortable and filterable for exactly the information you're asking about: buffs without concentration.

At the time of this answer, it only includes the basic rules content, but that will change.