[RPG] How many proficiencies and languages does a noble half-elf Knowledge Domain cleric start with


I'm starting a new character sheet for a noble half-elf cleric (Knowledge Domain), and I'm just wondering about proficiencies and languages.

How many things would I be proficient in, and how many languages would I know? Also, when it comes to the proficiency bonus, is that also applied to the skills I am proficient in?

I'm not super new to the game but character sheets are always where I get confused. This is only the second sheet I've filled out, and I’m double checking to ensure I'm doing things right.

Best Answer

The instructions for building a character and how proficiency bonuses are applied are detailed in the Player's Handbook, Chapter 1: Step by Step Characters.

The specifics relevant to your particular character are in the sections of the Player's Handbook describing the cleric (p.57), half-elf (p.38), noble background (p.135) and knowledge domain (p. 59) respectively. You may also like to read the section on proficiency bonuses (p.173).

To summarize:

  • Your proficiency bonus (+2 at first level) applies to attacks with weapons you're proficient with, spells, spell DC, saving throws you're proficient in, and ability checks using tools or skills you're proficient in
  • Half-elf gives proficiency in any two skills, and the languages Common, Elvish and any one other
  • Clerics pick two skills (chosen from History, Insight, Medicine, Persuasion, and Religion), and are also proficient in simple weapons and the Wisdom and Charisma saving throws
  • The Knowledge domain gives two more languages of your choice and two more skills (chosen from Arcana, History, Nature or Religion), and your proficiency bonus is specially doubled for those two skills only
  • The Noble background gives proficiency in History and Persuasion, one more language, and proficiency with one type of gaming set

In total, you will have 6 languages and 8 skill proficiencies.